Welcome to the EMLoT Learning Zone

The EMLoT Learning Zone includes three distinct areas. The first is a Tutorial which puts forward a sequential series of timelines to highlight the kind of research that EMLoT can support. The second area puts forward a series of Other Learning Activities which can be undertaken either with a class or through independent study, illustrating the kinds of material that EMLoT contains. The final area lists Related Sites that might help to provide further context for the bibliographic information in EMLoT. These resources were the source of much of the additional research that went into creating the tutorial. Together these three areas of the Learning Zone provide examples of and guidance in the powerful kind of research this database allows.

The creation of the EMLoT Learning Zone was funded by a Public Outreach Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). The Document images reproduced as part of the tutorial are presented online courtesy of The National Archives, UK. William Ingram and Andrew Gurr have kindly agreed to the close study of their scholarship which the tutorial undertakes and Cambridge University Press has permitted the use of extracts of this scholarship online. We have tried to ensure proper acknowledgement of all the materials we have used on this site, and will be glad to rectify immediately any omission in this respect.