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In a lawsuit brought against them by John Witter in 1619, John Heminges and Henry Condell provide details of financial transactions at the theatre, in the wake of the fire that destroyed the first Globe. Shortly after the fire, Heminges and his partners resolved to re-build the playhouse. They contacted Witter about his contribution to the re-edification as a sharer in the house; Witter, however, failed to respond to their request. Heminges thereupon took possession of Witter's share. Because the expense of re-building the playhouse was to be large, and because he he doubted that Witter would benefit from the new playhouse, as the lease was soon to expire, he transferred a moiety of Witter's original share to Henry Condell. The re-edification of the playhouse, he notes, has since cost Heminges and Condell approximately £120.


Globe (II)