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John Heminges and Henry Condell respond to John Witter's bill of complaint. They attest that Augustine Phillips had during his lifetime a fifth share in the Globe playhouse, and that at the time of his death, Phillips made his wife Anne the executrix of his property. They note, however, that this appointment was not absolute, and that, should Anne remarry, the executorship of the property would revert to John Heminges, Richard Burbage, William Sly and Timothy Whithorne. They relate the circumstances under which Witter applied to them for a loan, and agree that he repaid the £50 debt in full. Because Anne had remarried, however, she lost her right as executrix; Heminges assumed control of Phillips' property legally and with Anne's knowledge and consent. The action was necessary, he notes, to prevent Witter from squandering the inheritance. Heminges testifies, furthermore, that he has upon several occasions disbursed sums of money to Phillips' widow and her children, and that he paid for her burial expenses.


Globe (II)